Cessna Stationair and Centurion

I recently added new photos that I recently scanned of old promotional pictures that were at Buffalo Air-Park. These are of the larger Cessna “mini-van/sport-utility” airplane, the Stationair, and the Centurion. The Stationair consisted of the 205, 206, and 207 models, while the Centurion is the 210 model. I did find a 207 Skywagon, Cessna later renamed to the Stationair 7, and included it with the Stationair pictures. It’s awe-inspiring the amount of cargo/passenger space in the 207 Skywagon!

I’m glad that I never had to clean one of these airplanes!

Check out more photos of the Cessna Stationair on the photos page or through this link. https://buffaloairpark.com/cessna-stationair/

The 210s were more popular over the Stationairs when I was working the line at the air-park during the early 1980s, and I loved watching the retractable gear on them after takeoff. It was quite an impressive sight! Luckily, I only had to wash and detail a couple of 210s, but hand waxing a 152 wasn’t any easier.

Cessna introduced the 210 in 1960 with a strut-braced wing but later changed to a strutless cantilever wing in 1967. This new wing design reduces drag, improves visibility, and generally gives the airplane a cleaner appearance. But it does come at a cost. All of the bracings are internal, which places tremendous force on the spar cap, wing spar, and the whole structure. In 2012 the FAA mandated all cantilever winged 210s to be inspected for cracks in these critical areas.

1967 is the first year of the strutless cantilever wing on the 210s.

Here’s the link for more photos of the Cessna 210 on the photos page. Enjoy! https://buffaloairpark.com/cessna-210-centurion/

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