Aerial Pictures

BAP, repaving around the fuel pump island has started and the small “North” hangar is demolished. 1960. (39)
BAP runway 24 extension paving begins along with the North extension. (40)
BAP with newly paved runway 6 & 24 and taxiway. Early 1960s. (41)
BAP with paved runways 24 & 6, and taxiway. (42)
BAP paved runway and taxiway, looking West. (43)
BAP paved runway 24 & 6. Notice French Road in the foreground. (44)
BAP with paved runway and North runway extension. (45)
BAP North runway extension, looking South. Notice the Buffalo Creek in the background. (46)


  1. razorback47 says:

    Nice job Bill! You might want to mention the existence of the North/South runway (cross wind runway) that was in use until at least the mid 60’s. The housing developments put an end to that. 😠 You are truly doing justice.

    On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 9:17 AM Buffalo Air Park wrote:

    > awilliamriccio posted: ” I’m not going to lie. There are many pictures in > this series, 68 total, and please give yourself some time to go through > these. Most are aerial shots of the airpark throughout the years, but some > are from different Western New York areas. I have broken i” >


    1. Thank you, I will!


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