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“North” Twin Hangars

The finished construction of the Twin hangars at Buffalo Airpark in 1951.
Tony finishes the construction of the “North” Twin hangars in 1951.

The Buffalo Air-Park is today the mecca of private fliers in the Buffalo Area, a fact attested by the quick utilization of the new 140 by 220 concrete block hanger constructed last year. Some 45 privately-owned aircraft are hangared in Tony’s latest addition to the airport.

The new hanger, erected next to the 50 by 75 Air National Guard hanger last year, reflects Tony’s knack for simplifying chores around the airport. Twin hanger doors frame the gasoline island, and ships entering either door can be fueled from the same pump. His crowning mechanical gimmick may revolutionize the design of hangers. Tony will install two tracks, each running through the front doors of the hanger and down through the center of each bay. A platform will slide along the track, thus providing a dolly-track conveyer by a small dolly tractor. This operation will reduce the risk of wing-tip damage, Tony points out. Only two men will be required to service 45-50 planes — a task for six men.

NYS Aviation Bureau Flyer, Volume 1, Number 4, October 1952
Tony Riccio giving directions to an unknown pilot with a Cessna 180 parked in front of the Twin hangars at Buffalo Airpark.
Tony is providing directions to a pilot stopping for fuel in his Cessna 180. I wonder if he sat down for lunch at the restaurant while waiting for the line boy to fuel his plane.
An extension of three hangar bays added to the Twin hangars at Buffalo Airpark.
This photo shows the three hanger bays added to the large Eastside twin hanger’s apron side, replacing the original awning and probably taken in the late 1960s.
The twin hangars with the addition of three hangar bays at Buffalo Airpark.

The fuel pump island at Buffalo Airpark with the three hangar bay additions in the background.

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  1. razorback47 says:

    Holy cow Bill! Now that we’re finally adults we can better appreciate the works of your dad. Talk about a strong spirit!


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