Aerial Pictures

Clinton Street and Union Road intersection, looking East. The Union Street bridge is crossing over Buffalo Creek. (56)
Clinton Street running along the Buffalo Creek, looking West. The Union Road intersection can be seen in the top left corner. (57)
Fourteen Holy Helpers Church on Indian Church Road is seen in the center with Union Road running perpendicular in the foreground. The Fourteen Holy Helpers School is across the street to the left of the church. The Buffalo Creek and Clinton Street are in the background. (58)
I believe this is a picture of a school that was once on Westside of Union Road just North of the Clinton Street intersection. Union Road is seen in the background with Clinton Street in the lower right corner. (59)
Buffalo Central Terminal. (60)
Buffalo City Hall on Niagara Square, lower left corner. (61)
Buffalo City Hall on Niagara Square. Notice the directional arrow to the Buffalo Airport painted on the roof of the Statler Hotel, lower right corner. (62)
The South Grand Island Bridge looking East towards Tonawanda. Notice the East River Road on Grand Island running along the Niagara River in the foreground. (63)
Elmira Airport. (64)
Elmira Airport, back side of the above photo. (65)
Unknown, any ideas? (66)
Unknown, any ideas? (67)
Unknown, any ideas? (68)

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