BAP Hangars & Maintenance Shop Pictures

Quonset Hangar

The newly constructed Quonset hangar with Tony standing next to an Interstate SIA F90, his friend G.B. Baumgarten on the right, and Tony’s dog Ivan, August 1944.

The freshly painted South end of the Quonset hangar faces Clinton Street for all to see. I’m guessing the winter of 1944 or January 1945.
Tony changes the name from Gardenville Airport to Buffalo Airpark in 1945 and becomes an authorized dealer for the Globe Swift in 1946.
A 1946 Stinson Vultee V-77 maneuvered into position for a photoshoot.
A 1946 Stinson Vultee V-77. What a beautiful airplane!
We are looking Southeast towards the Quonset hangar and Operations building while standing on the tarmac.
My father, Tony, changes the name for a third time by adding a hyphen to Airpark, the early 1950s.
Tony is proudly holding a painted wooden model of a full-size airplane that he designed, hand-built by Richard Payne, my brother Doug’s father.
I recently received this exact model to add to my BAP aviation collection, meticulously restored by my brother Doug. Words alone can’t thank him enough!

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