BAP Hangars & Maintenance Shop Pictures

Maintenance Shop

Tony built the Maintenance shop along the East side of the Quonset hangar as a free-standing building. Later, he removed a set of windows and constructed a walkway connecting the two buildings. I don’t have an exact date, but I would guess sometime between 1946-1949.

Unfortunately, I do not have a name for this person, but he worked at the airpark and was a part of the maintenance staff. Ivan’s doghouse and the small fenced-in area is in the background.
Unknown people.

Unknown person.
Tony is offering his opinion on how to resolve a landing gear issue on a Globe Swift.
I remember that look all too well! From the expression on the man’s face to the right, things don’t look so good. I’ll let you fill in the blank.
The maintenance crew is working on a Cessna T-50. Notice the Willys Jeep as a tug motor on the right with a custom hitch.
I don’t have any names for these people, but I believe the man on the right is the same person working on the Globe Swift with Tony in the above photo.
Robert Arnold, BAP Maintenance Chief, operating an engine on a test stand.

I don’t know who “Hot Shot Eddie” is or Mike, but it looks like he enjoys the Globe Swift.
I hope this isn’t a result of “Hot Shot Eddie”, but it looks as though the maintenance crew is setting up the wing stands so they can try to lower the landing gear. Tony is crouching on the right, inspecting the damage.
Hand propping is always available upon request.
After a long week working at BAP, a beer and a boat ride is the only way to end it. Unfortunately, I do not have a name for this person.

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