Cessna 172/Skyhawk

As we all know, or at least I just discovered, the Cessna 172 is the most successful airplane in history. There are many different variations with different model names like the Skyhawk, the Skyhawk II, and the “high performance” Hawk XP II, to name a few. Even the U.S. Air Force used a variant of the Cessna 172 called the T-41A for student training starting in 1964.

Cessna Skyhawk Taildragger
1961 Cessna 172

I remember refueling a lot of 172s when I worked the line at the airpark and was happy when a 152 taxied up to the pumps. Not that I didn’t like the 172s, but pushing them back to a tie-down or spinning them around after refueling wasn’t an easy task. They were pretty heavy with low fuel, and topping them off made it that much harder to push. Plus, I think the apron around the fuel pumps had a slight grade to it making it a little more challenging. The good thing is that I learned the proper way to use a T-Bar, and I had no trouble using the leg press machine at my high school gym!

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1964 Cessna T-41A
1970 Cessna Skyhawk

I decided to list the Cessna Skyhawk photos on a separate page, even though these airplanes have the same airframe, but with minor variations. The different models that I have pictures of are the Cessna Skyhawk, the Skyhawk II, the Skyhawk II/100, and the Hawk XP II. I grouped them by model name and arranged them by their numerical year.

Click this link to see more Skyhawk pictures on the photos page! https://buffaloairpark.com/cessna-skyhawk/