Crossword Puzzle-Aristocrat 102E

Do you enjoy a crossword puzzle as much as I do? I know what you’re thinking. That’s an odd question from someone I barely know other than his writings on this website. You’re right, but now you know that I like solving crossword puzzles, and maybe you’ll enjoy what I have to share.

I find it easier to write facts down on a classic yellow legal pad while researching for a new article because it helps me retain and organize the paper’s overall structure. Plus, it helps hone my writing skills, which seem to be degrading as I age. Do you find it helpful to do the same, or do you prefer to keep notes on your tablet, PC, or phone? I guess it’s all the same as long as you’re happy with the results.

I have all of these facts written down, and I recently concluded that it wouldn’t be too challenging to create crossword puzzles. So, let us give it a try, and I’m proud to offer you my first puzzle!

I couldn’t think of a better aircraft than the Aristocrat 102E, my father’s first airplane. I love this plane and wish I could have had a ride with him!

Tony Riccio and his Aristocrat 102E, photo taken between 1936-1937.

I’ve touched briefly on his airplane, and here’s a quick refresher. The above photo shows my father, Tony, standing in front of his Aristocrat 102E airplane built by the General Airplanes Corporation in Buffalo, New York, about 1930. A five-cylinder Wright J6, the “Whirlwind Five,” radial engine supplies 165hp to the propeller.

Tony on the right, unknown person on the left.

I recommend reading an article published in the 1983 July issue of AOPA Pilot magazine under the Yesterdays Wings column, “The General Airplanes,” written by Peter M. Bowers. Click on the link here, or download the article below.

Now, let’s try that puzzle, shall we? Click this link to complete this puzzle online, or you have the option to print it if you find it more accessible. There’s also an option to print the answer key if you need help. Good luck!

Below is an example of the actual crossword puzzle, but I don’t think you’ll be able to input the answers here. So instead, click the above link to complete the crossword puzzle online, and feel free to share!

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