Buffalo Air-Park

I am dedicating this website to my father, Anthony (Tony) Riccio, and his legacy in bringing aviation to Western New York through Buffalo Air-Park.

I believe this photo was taken in the spring of 1946 when my father flew this Globe Swift from Texas to the airpark with his wife Maxine and their cat.

BAP Events

When I think of past events at the airpark, I usually think of fly-in-breakfasts, airshows, and open houses. But there were others gatherings that Tony would hold to promote his pride and joy with the hope of generating sales. He always came up with new ways to increase revenue, and I have piles of notes…

Air Show/Fly-In Breakfast

Have you ever thought about the time needed to prepare for an Air Show or Fly-In Breakfast? I never gave it too much thought until I discovered an envelope containing preparation notes and a “Sign In” sheet from a 1982 Fly-In Breakfast at BAP that my mother Ruth saved. It’s always interesting when I find…

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