Buffalo Air-Park

I am dedicating this website to my father, Anthony (Tony) Riccio, and his legacy in bringing aviation to Western New York through Buffalo Air-Park.

I believe this photo was taken in the spring of 1946 when my father flew this Globe Swift from Texas to the airpark with his wife Maxine and their cat.

Tony’s Scrapbook; Boeing 247 Transport

The Boeing 247 revolutionized civilian air travel through high speed, passenger comfort, and futuristic designs not seen by the previous airliners, virtually rendering them obsolete in a single day. Some examples of earlier airlines consisted of the Ford Tri-motor “Tin Goose,” the Fokker F-10 Super Trimotor, and the Curtiss Condor biplane. These airliners were usuallyContinue reading “Tony’s Scrapbook; Boeing 247 Transport”


A recent tragedy that resulted in two fatalities from a crash of an airplane that I’m not familiar with, a SOCATA TBM 700, impacted a wooded area near Pembroke, New York, October 2, 2020. A prominent attorney in the Buffalo, New York area, and his niece were the only people on board, and thankfully noContinue reading “SOCATA TBM 700”

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