Aerial Pictures

This photo shows the name changed from Gardenville Airport to Buffalo Air-Park from the painting on the Quonset hangar. The Operations building is still a single story, but the Maintenance shop is constructed next to the Quonset hangar. I am dating this between 1945-1949. (10)
BAP, April 1950. The second story has been added to the Operations building and a new hangar is constructed on the old “North” hangar concrete pad. (11)
A better view of the new “North” hangar and second story addition to the Operations building, BAP 1950. (12)
BAP, April 1950. (13)
BAP, April 1950. (14)


  1. razorback47 says:

    Nice job Bill! You might want to mention the existence of the North/South runway (cross wind runway) that was in use until at least the mid 60’s. The housing developments put an end to that. 😠 You are truly doing justice.

    On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 9:17 AM Buffalo Air Park wrote:

    > awilliamriccio posted: ” I’m not going to lie. There are many pictures in > this series, 68 total, and please give yourself some time to go through > these. Most are aerial shots of the airpark throughout the years, but some > are from different Western New York areas. I have broken i” >


    1. Thank you, I will!


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